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We're moving!

I’m pleased to announce that the Prescot THI, Prescot Heritage Hub and Prescot Historical Society are moving ‘en masse’ from our present base at 59 Eccleston Street …but we’re only moving three doors down to 53 Eccleston Street.

Why the move?

The main motivation for the move is that we all need more space and the right type of building in the right place has become available for rent.

The Prescot Heritage Hub has been based at 59 Eccleston Street since its formation in 2011. As an independent voluntary organisation it is now firmly on its feet and has outgrown the small unit it is currently based in. By moving to larger premises, but still being in the heart of town, the Hub can continue its aims to protect, care for and develop the heritage of Prescot.

The Prescot Historical Society has been in existence for many decades. Formerly based in Prescot Museum when it was on Church Street, its archive and meetings are presently at 59 Eccleston Street. The larger, more flexible premises we are moving to can only help the Society.

Finally, although I am the Prescot Townscape Heritage Initiative Officer, I am based in Huyton all of the week. The existing base at no.59 is simply too small to fit in space for me to work in. The amount of floorspace at no.53 is approximately double that of no.59, so I’ll finally be able to have space to work and somewhere out of the rain to have meetings with property owners and their agents. I’ll be able to split more of my time between Huyton and Prescot.

When does the move happen?

We should be in the new premises in March 2014 and we intend to be there for the remainder of the THI (until mid-2018) and the Hub and Historical Society will aim to be there for the longer term. The logisitics of getting a few things sorted out with the building, getting existing counters moved out and new furniture moved in means the new place should be up and ready around Easter. This means there will be 4-6 weeks where the Hub will be out of action, but it will be worth it when the new place opens!

We’ll be branding the shop in a heritage style, but unfortunately the THI’s accommodation budget doesn’t stretch to fully restoring the building and shopfront – the THI’s funds remain focussed on the Priority Buildings.

Any other news?

Although we now have six buildings with outline grant approval, we’re still waiting for the first of these to get to a stage where there is enough detail being put together for planning and building control applications and for a full schedule of works with detailed specifications. I just can’t wait to see the first building finished- then people can see what the THI is all about and the type of enhancements to expect over the next few years.

I continue to meet with the different owners of the different Priority Buildings and more of them are moving on to appointing an architect or surveyor from the THI shortlist and putting together an outline grant application.

And the Internship?

Applications are still invited for the Historic Environment Internship (paid, one-year contract). The closing date is this Monday: 24 February 2014. Full details of the internship and how to apply are on the council’s website.

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