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Old Buildings Day: Saturday 7th March 2015

Hello again,

Hot on the heels of last month’s announcement that we’re looking to hire our second Historic Environment Intern – see previous blog post here, application deadline this Friday 6th February – we have another big announcement:

Saturday 7th March is Prescot Old Buildings Day, which will be held at Prescot Town Hall between 10am and 4pm.

This one-off event has been jointly organised by the Prescot THI and the SPAB. The event is open to all, free to attend and it’s up to you whether you stay for 5 minutes or 5 hours.

The event gives you a unique opportunity to:

  • Watch traditional building craftsmen and craftswomen at work
  • Chat with craftsmen and craftswomen about their professions and work
  • Have a go at certain traditional building crafts yourself
  • Listen to talks about caring for an maintaining your old building
  • Have any particular burning questions about your old building answered by one of the SPAB’s experts
  • Find out more about the Prescot THI – what we have done so far and what’s in the pipeline
  • Find out about other organisations and upcoming events in Prescot.
  • Browse and purchase books, guides and information sheets published by the SPAB

All of the building crafts will be ongoing during the whole day and you can drop in and see these at any point.

The only parts of the day that occur at particular times are:

  • SPAB Talk: ‘Getting to Know Your Old Building’ 11am-11:45am. This illustrated talk will outline how old buildings are different in their construction and performance compared to modern buildings and will cover issues like preventing and managing damp in old buildings. This talk will include a brief intro by me about the Prescot THI. Places on this talk are limited so please e-mail me to book a place at
  • Lime and slaking demonstration 1pm. This one-off demonstration will show what happens when lime and aggregate are ‘slaked’ with water to produce ‘hot lime’ used for pointing stone or brick. This chemical reaction creates a lot of heat and steam and so will take place outside.
  • SPAB Talk: ‘Looking After Your Old Building’ 2pm-2:45pm. This illustrated talk will cover the maintenance basics for an old building, plus handy practical tips for building owners. This talk will include a brief intro by me about the Prescot THI. Places on this talk are limited so please e-mail me to book a place at
  • Drop-in Old Building Surgery: 10:30am-12noon and then 2:30pm to 4pm. Have a one-to-one chat with a historic building expert about repairs, maintenance, energy efficiency or anything else to do with looking after your building. No need to book a timeslot, just look for the expert!

This sort of event doesn’t happen very often and March 7th might be the only time the THI puts this event on (but I hope we can repeat it!).

The SPAB is the country’s oldest conservation body, with a manifesto dating from 1877 written by William Morris and other founder members of the organisation. The SPAB has been running short courses since the 1950s and putting on heritage building skills demonstrations in one form or another since 1976. The SPAB’s experts are coming to Prescot from their headquarters in Spitalfields in London, so it truly is a unique opportunity to have this sort of expertise on our doorstep.

Prescot Town Council opened in its new Town Hall in May 2014 – and the place is still very shiny and new. The Old Buildings Day will for the most part take place in the big multi function room at ground floor, with the talks upstairs in the Council Chamber. As a brand new building serving the community, the Town Hall is fully accessible and there is limited parking to the rear of the building.

The Town Hall is at the corner of Warrington Road and St Helen’s Road, just on the edge of the town centre. Saturday May 7th is also a Prescot Producer’s Market Day – please visit us as well as the Market!

I hope you can make it!

“We are only the trustees for those who come after us.”
William Morris

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