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Atherton Street - Public Realm Project Complete

Anyone who has been to Atherton Street or the streets nearby will know that the resurfacing and improvement of this highway finished three weeks ago, I am just not that great a journalist – missing the scoop!

Atherton Street was the second of three THI public realm improvement schemes. I’ve spoken about why we’ve resurfaced the street, and its historical value in April 2016 and October 2014.

Here are a few ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of the street, all of which and more are at the THI’s Flickr page.

Above and below: Atherton Street before the THI-funded works started – a mix of red and not-so-red bitmac, square concrete pavoirs and red clay edgings.

Atherton Street after the THI-funded works. Granite everywhere!

A close-up of the materials used.

Above and below: the new crossing at the junction with High Street – looking well alongside the THI-funded improvements to the Dry Cleaners!

I hope you agree that the contractors for the scheme, the Landscape Group did a great job! The scheme was designed by Mouchel.

In the last blog post about Atherton Street I promised to post if anything beyond that initial small area of yorkstone setts and kerbs was found. We didn’t find anything else historical in the area dug up or disturbed, which must show what a thorough job was done when the road was stripped and re-paved in the past.

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