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As part of the #OurDay local government ‘tweetathon’ taking place today, Tuesday 15th November, I have written a short blog post entailing a day in the life as a Historic Environment Intern at Knowsley Council. I am hoping that this post will reach both regular Prescot THI (Townscape Heritage Initiative) blog readers and first time visitors. I am located in the historic environment team with 3 other colleagues, Owen – Prescot THI Officer, Lyndsey – Prescot THI Skills Coordinator and Dorothy – Principal Conservation and Design Officer. We are part of the wider Planning Services, which include Building Control, Development Management, Technical Support, Arboriculture Services and Monitoring and Enforcement.

The typical day in the office as a Historic Environment Intern can vary largely. Each day poses a different set of challenges and events. I am out of the office today, as I attend UCLan University of Central Lancashire) on both Tuesday and Wednesday where I am undertaking a full-time postgraduate course in MSc Building Conservation and Adaptation, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the Prescot THI. Therefore my contribution to the #OurDay ‘Tweetathon’ will be a brief overview of yesterday’s day working as a Historic Environment Intern at Knowsley Council.

My Day – Monday 14th November

9.00am – Check Emails – I started my day off by checking my emails and catching up with colleagues on the progress of the Prescot THI – I’m delighted to tell you that there have been initial talks with a property owner who previously expressed that they weren’t interested in the grants – AND it’s a priority building! So watch this space for future ‘pun-tastic’ blog posts!

10.00am – Meeting – I sat down with Dorothy and Lin – one of our Planning Officers to discuss the ongoing works of a historic building within the borough. This property was the first application that I was involved in and it has been brilliant to work alongside both Dorothy and Lin to gain first hand experience for the full story of the application. I think it’s often forgotten how much time and effort goes into a single application, with Planners and Conservation Officers often given no acknowledgement.

11.00am – Discussion with Colleagues – Following our discussions we decided to ask for advice from our colleagues in building control as how we should approach certain elements of this development.

11.10am – Site Visit – We ventured in the beautiful North West weather – aka torrential downpours – to view the property on site. I’m can assure you the weather didn’t take anything away from the beautiful property, hidden just a stone’s throw away from the hustle of bustle of Liverpool and neighbouring suburbs! We checked the samples on site, and advised the builders on certain aspects of the proposal. We aim to work closely with the applicant to ensure that the property is addressed in a way that preserves the significance of the property whilst meeting the requirements of modern living.

12.30 pm – Post Site Visit Discussion – Back into the office to discuss on site application with Building Control and Dorothy – Conservation Officer

1.00pm – Lunch Break – Quick lunch making the most of the £1 meal deals at a certain Huyton retailer…

2.00pm – Meeting – Feeling content after my Christmas theme sandwich – apologies for embracing the Christmas spirit so early – I sat down with Dorothy for my second meeting of the day! As mentioned in my previous blog post, I had been working on the Town End, Cronton Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan. We are now ready to start planning the public consultation period. That sound likes an easy task, right?! No – quite the opposite! With the Christmas period easing closer, finding a 6 week period that doesn’t interefere with the holidays proved difficult. As much as you love conservation areas and historic buildings, I think the majority of you all would rather be scrambling for a mince pie, than to be pulling together comments.

2.30pm – Organise Consultation Events – With a consultation drop in event, we require a venue, so I spent a while making calls to try and arrange the session.

3.00pm – Write Blog Post – Last week I started penning together a few ideas for my next monthly blog post – I feel this post you are reading can be classed as a ‘Guest’s guest blog’ – and this will hopefully be posted next week and don’t worry a few interesting site visits will be included!

4.00pm – Further Conservation Area Appraisal Work – As well as the appraisal and management plan for the Town End, Cronton Conservation Area I have been working on a long term project to compile the same documents for the North Park Road and South Park Road Conservation Areas in Kirkby – at least by the time we are ready to consult on this one Christmas festivities will be well out the way – but to be honest I wouldn’t be shocked if advent calenders start to appear not long after Easter in the near future!

6.00pm – Finish

Thanks for joining us for #OurDay the Local Government tweetathon! If you’re new to the blog please check out the other posts on this blog for further details of the fantastic work carried out by the Prescot THI team

I’ll be back with my next blog in the next week or so – so keep your eyes peeled.


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