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Opportunity - Historic Environment Intern Post (paid) - the Final Countdown has begun!

(Blog opens to the strains of Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’, which then fades)

I can’t believe (a) it’s 12 months since I posted about our previous Internship and (b) this is the final one of four internships! Where does the time go?!

We are presently advertising for the fourth and final time the opportunity for one person to undertake a year’s paid employment here at THI HQ (better known as Knowsley Council) AND (yes, AND) gain an industry-recognised qualification in the management of our historic environment. We are the only THI in the UK that offers this type of opportunity.

The advert and job pack are here.

The post is funded by the THI, which is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). The Intern will be working with us in the THI’s final year – aka the busiest part – as heaven and Earth are moved to get all of the remaining projects delivered on time and to the required standard (again, where does the time go?!).

As well as the THI stuff, the core of the work will be meat and potatoes / bread and butter / rye and non-dairy spread (delete as applicable) conservation officer work assisting Dorothy, our Conservation and Design Officer, on Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans, development management casework and everything else that our Historic Environment Strategy 2013-18 requires us to do.

All of the work is real-world, CV-building stuff that gets reported to the HLF, our Cabinet member and Planning Committee as part of the Team’s wider outputs.

You mentioned something about a qualification approximately three paragraphs ago, Owen” I hear you say. Well, yes, a key part of the Historic Environment Internship is gaining the skills, experience and relevant qualification(s) needed to successfully surf the waves of the post-NPPF, pre-Brexit, Historic-England -helmed conservation seas.

All three of our Historic Interns past and present have attended the University of Central Lancashire’s Building Conservation and Adaptation course. And a jolly useful course it is too for anyone looking for a career in heritage, given that it is recognised by the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, and no doubt any potential future employers in the heritage sector.

And where are they now these Interns? Chris, our first Intern, is a Conservation Officer at Liverpool City Council. Dan, our second Intern, is a Heritage at Risk Officer at Sefton Borough Council. Hannah, our third Intern, is with us until June and isn’t far off finishing the taught part of the course and will ‘hand over’ the post to whoever’s next.

The post is open to anyone – it is all down to whether you can make the most of this unique opportunity to gain a head-start in a career in the historic environment. My contact details are there in the job pack if you have any questions about the post.

The advert doesn’t give is a starting date, but that’s because we are quite flexible and can fit the start date to follow on from any full-time course or similar that you might already be committed to. Ideally you would start in late June / early July with your course starting in mid-September.

Closing date: 17:00, SUNDAY 19TH MARCH 2017
(repeat chorus of Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’, end blog)

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